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This Story started by Denis Holroyd
11 Independent Field Squadron Royal Engineers

I'm searching for guys who took part in a trip to Laos that occurred, according to my little red book Sept 66 for a period of 18 days (were you one of the crew). I know we were flown in by chopper from Singapore/Changi to Vientiane/Laos, I think there were six of us ?.
The whole thing was a hearts and minds operation, created by extensive flooding , setting up and supplying drinking water for the local population , Scandinavian TV guy, American embassy party plus pool, British embassy staff.
Meeting with President before we left, If you were there you'll know what i mean. As you can see I need info to get some facts correct, and names of guys who were in the party. Any idea's???? Take care,

Denis Holroyd.

From Colwyn Taff Morris
What i remember about it the Guard waking me up on a Sunday morning O.C wants you down the office now your going to Vietnam. Tell the O.C i am not in , the guard came again and told me we were going to Vientian Laos, I Reported to
O.C who asked how soon we could have the water purification kit ready to move .There was a delay as they could not make a decision to carry weapons or not eventually decision was given for us not to carry weapons.We then went to Shangi flew up to Thailand Were a helicopter flew us across the Mekong to Laos were we set up by a monestry and had 9x9 set up. We slept if my memory serves upstairs in a vets store.
Regards Taff Morris

Taff Morris

Ian Sumpter
From John Spriggs
MAY66-AUG67 saw many different locations including LAOS.the team that eventually did get to travel LAOS was drawn from all the different troops each having thier own skills.
Scouse Sumpter & myself for the water supply
Taff Morriss engine maintenance
Jimmy Dow electricianl
Brian Mellet was snco
( brian was my SSM when i was an instructor @DOVER 71-73)
we did some good work in LAOS
and were rewarded with a lot off parties
after the task was completed,from all the different embassy,s


Members So Far
Dennis Holroyd
Colwyn Taff Morris
Ian Sumpter
John Spriggs
Brian Mellett SNCO Deceased
Jimmy Dow electrician
Rob Deeming
Michael Cheesley ACC new

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